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For personal reasons Hardwood Master will not be accepting any new jobs for the foreseable future.

Fed up with your tired floors?
Let’s find out what type of hardwood refinishing you need:

Read below and see what your floors need to bring them back to life.

Just Looking Tired

Sometimes your floors just look tired.  If your old hardwood floors are still in good shape we can abrade their surface without having to sand to raw wood. In order to ensure that the finish is not going to wear through, we will apply a coat of finish for your floor protection. The top layer of your wood remains unchanged, as there is no sanding done.

Time it takes:  Generally 1-2 days

A newly sanded floor

Scratches, Wear & Tear

This sandless method reinvigorates your floors and decreases the loss of the top layer of wood.  It’s faster and less expensive, but not recommend for floors with lots of damage.  We buff and polish.

Time it takes:  Generally 1-3 days

Resand and staining floor

Water Damage, Pets, & More

If your floor has been well lived on and has damaged areas, deep scratches or is in generally poor condition, then a full sand of the floor, removal of finishes, and starting from raw wood is the best choice.

This process works on both engineered floors and solid wood.  You can even change the colour.  It’s an almost dustless process.

Time it takes:  Depends on size of job, but 1-1.5 weeks is a good rule.


Dean listened to what we wanted and made clear suggestions. In the end we agreed that refinishing our floors would be our best approach. He gave us an estimate for price and completion time. He nailed both of those. The end result blew us away. We were able to keep the character of our beautiful floors but now they will be protected for years to come!

Dan Dyck

Dean and his crew were punctual, respectful of our home, and did a beautiful job bringing our hardwood floors back to life! Definitely Hardwood Masters, would recommend them any time.

Pam Warner

What Can You Expect?

Bring your floors back to life.  Change the color, get rid of scratches, put on a stronger finish to protect.

Free Quotes!

No obligation assessments and estimates for repair and refinishing.

Nearly Dustless

Our sanding processes produce very little dust, and we use the latest & best equipment in the industry.

No Fuss For You

We do our best to work around your schedule and furniture.  We often don’t even have to remove baseboards.

Tough Finishes

You can expect low maintenance for your newly finished floors.  After refinishing, we use several coats of polyurethane finish  to keep your floors protected from everyday life.

Fast Drying

Our finishes dry quickly. With a water-base polyurethane you can walk on your floors within hours.

Custom Staining

We’ll provide stain samples on your floor so you can choose the exact right colour.

It’s not dusty, it won’t damage your home.

We also do specialized work.

Ask us about repairs, renovations, & installs.

Get All New Floors!

If you’d like to have beautiful new hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, or laminate installed, we’re ready!  We can help you choose the right species, meet budgets and get the job done right.

Time it takes:  Depends on size of job.  Generally 1-1.5 weeks.

A newly sanded floor

It Can Be Fixed!

If you have damaged hardwood, we can order & replace boards, resand and restain so it all matches perfectly.

Time it takes:  Depends on size of job

Resand and staining floor

Have a project?

We love doing specialty projects!  Ask us about light renovation work, fireplace facings, tile, etc., or even your reno as a whole.  If we can’t help we can certainly recommend excellent trades.


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