We Refinish, Repair & Install Flooring

We specialize in refinishing, but we can help you with all your flooring, and even small renos!

We offer a diverse set of services, and we cater to your individual needs.

Not every floor requires a full re-sand and refinish – just a refresh.  Others are very damaged and need board replacement in addition to refinishing.  Some are somewhere in between.  To determine what’s needed, Dean will come to your home, assess your floors, and explain exactly what’s required to make your floors new again.  

Below Are the Services We Provide

From Beat Up to Totally New Again

For floors with damage like dents, deep scratches, lots of wear, etc., often the best way to make them new again it to completely resand and refinish.  This involves removing a thin, top layer of the floor, staining (if required) and two coats of finish.

A newly sanded floor

A Quick Facelift

If your old hardwood floors are still in good shape we can abrade their surface without having to sand to raw wood. We then apply finish to bring the surface back to life and to protect.  

Resand and staining floor

Damage Can Be Repaired

Worn, gouged, scratched, or water damaged boards can be replaced.  The replacement boards will be stained and finished to match the rest of your floor. 

Hardwood, Vinyl Plank & Laminate

We specialize hardwood work of all kinds, so if you’d like all new floors, we can install new wood, stain any colour you’d like and leave a strong finish to stand up to real life.  We can also install luxury vinyl plank and laminate floors.

A newly sanded floor

Change the Colour

Once your floors are sanded, you have the option of keeping or changing the color.  There are a lot of choices and we will show you sample colors on your floor to make it easy to choose.  We can even do custom stains to match existing flooring.

Resand and staining floor

Tile, Baths, Fireplaces, & More

Hardwood Master is not just limited to floors. Our years of experience also include other general renovations.  Ask us about your project!

It is my pleasure to write this recommendations on behalf of Hardwood Master. Dean was hired to refinish our dance floor for our new building. The quality of work done was consistently top notch, very knowledgeable, skilled and competent in his trade.

Their pride in their work was very evident. We were very impressed with the final finishing on the floor and the suggestions from them on how we were to take care of the floor.

I definitely would recommend Hardwood Master without any reservations.

Jim A. Bourgoin

General Manager Red Deer Legion Branch #35

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No obligation assessments and estimates for repair and refinishing.

Nearly Dustless

Our sanding processes produce very little dust, and we use the latest & best equipment in the industry.

Custom Staining

We’ll provide stain samples on your floor so you can choose the exact right colour.

No Fuss For You

We do our best to work around your schedule and furniture.  We often don’t even have to remove baseboards.

Tough Finishes

You can expect low maintenance for your newly finished floors.  After refinishing, we use several coats of polyurethane finish  to keep your floors protected from everyday life.

Fast Drying

Our finishes dry quickly. With a water-base polyurethane you can walk on your floors within hours.

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