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Hardwood Master Ltd. is a company specializing in sanding and refinishing of new and existing floors. Among Alberta property owners, hardwood refinishing has become very trendy. This home renovation project can enhance the real estate value and the aesthetic of your business or home. As beautiful and tough as a wood floor is, its finish is wearing down with every generation. Shifting furniture, grit tracked in on shoes, drops, and the claws of family pets slowly wear and tear even the most durable hardwood floor.

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Hardwood Refinishing

We can help you make your decision. Our experienced team can take care of supplying the materials and your installation needs.

Hardwood Repairs

Worn, gouged, scratched, or water damaged boards can be replaced and your hardwood floor will look new again.

Custom Staining

The flooring experts in our team can help you decide on your choice of colors for refinishing your floors. We offer a great selection.

Hardwood Flooring Supply and Installation

With access to top quality mills, we supply and deliver only the best hardwood products from pre-finished solid hardwood, to engineered hardwood to unfinished solid hardwood. You pick the size, color, species, and desired look of hardwood and we bring it to, and install it in your home!


Having the right product is very important in a commercial setting that is characterized by a lot of traffic on the floors. Our commercial grade finishes are durable and will keep looking beautiful for a long time. We also have a maintenance option for commercial floors and will keep looking beautiful for a long time.

Buff and Recoat

If your old hardwood floors are still in good shape we can abrade their surface without having to sand to raw wood. In order to ensure that the finish is not going to wear through, we will apply a coat of finish for your floor protection.

Fortunately wear and tear damage is not permanent, and can be fixed with by our experienced staff. With our special methods, most hardwood floors can be refinished. Usually, refinishing a wood floor consists in sanding away a paper-thin layer off the top. After this operation is done, it is followed by mopping on several clear polyurethane finish coats.