Flooring Trends

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All about Hardwood

When it comes to flooring trends this year, it’s all about hardwood. As a foundation to the look of the rest of your home, hardwood floors will stand the test of time while also pleasing your mother’s “eye for style” when she comes to visit.

Not only is hardwood a popular choice for main spaces such as living-rooms and kitchens, it’s also showing up in entryways and powder rooms. Hardwoods with wider planks, matte and satin finishes, and environmentally friendly finishes with low VOCs such as Bona Traffic HD, have been popular choices this year.

Hardwood Alternatives

If you don’t want to worry about moisture or spills on your solid hardwood, you may consider a hardwood look-alike. Tile planks that look like hardwood and Engineered Vinyl planks are showing up more and more in new homes, and they’re especially great since they are waterproof. So there’s nothing to worry about when little Jimmy decides his apple juice is more suited to the kitchen floor, or someone forgets to turn on the fan after their shower. Additionally, these hardwood look-alikes are easy to install and can be overlayed on almost any surface, as long as it is level and flat.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If you already have hardwood flooring but you’d like to update it without replacing it, you can choose to refinish it instead. This is a fairly straight-forward project for solid hardwood, but if you have engineered hardwood it may be a little bit trickier. Engineered hardwood is built in layers and, depending on the thickness of the top-layer, may not be able to handle many refinishings.

The costs of refinishing a hardwood floor can vary depending on the type of wood, if stairs are involved, etc. As you can easily cause serious damage if hardwood refinishing in Red Deer is not done properly, we highly recommend having a professional take on the project.


Maybe it is time for a flooring quote. Designing your home really is a balancing act, and with all the hardwood cropping up, it’s not surprising that area rugs and carpet runners are tagging along. Area rugs are a great way to add warmth and visual interest to a living-room or open plan bedroom, and carpet runners are not only a classic way to spruce up your stairway, they are also a good safety-precaution in preventing slips and falls.

In terms of color, cool tones are definitely in this year. We’re seeing dark brown hardwoods (without undertones of yellow or orange), rustic grays and distressed and ashy whites in all areas of the home. With the rise of the Farmhouse style and the sense of nostalgia it brings, we’re also seeing reclaimed wood flooring become more popular. For smaller spaces like bathrooms, entryways, and even kitchen backsplashes, intricate mosaic-style tiles are making a comeback as well.

All in all, your personal style is up to you, but these are the trends we’re seeing that work, and work very well at that.